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Startups are the competitive resource of the future! With our proven Venture Client Solutions, any company can benefit strategically from the world’s best startup technologies at groundbreaking speed and across the entire value chain – with zero capital risk!

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Global players like BMW, Bosch, Holcim and Siemens prove that Venture Client Units are extremely effective and transformative corporate venturing vehicles. Their Venture Client Units - like the BMW Startup Garage, Open Bosch and Holcim MAQER Ventures - generate strategic benefits measured in millions of new revenue and cost savings. We established and operate highly successful Venture Client Units with our proven Venture Client Solutions at multiple Fortune 500 companies.

The origin of the Venture Client Model & Solutions

​Grown from the expertise & proven in practice

It started with one question: How can the entire organization benefit from many top startups fast and at low cost and risk? That was the challenge that our Founder Gregor Gimmy faced back in 2014, while he was an Innovation Manager at BMW. He solved it by radically re-thinking corporate venturing which resulted in the Venture Client Model. He first put his breakthrough approach into practice by founding the BMW Startup Garage as the world's first Venture Client Unit. Since then, the BMW Startup Garage has established itself as the primary vehicle to gain strategic benefits from startups at BMW. Based upon his expertise in building and managing the BMW Startup Garage, Gregor identified the need of Venture Client Units for specialized solutions. That is services, technology and data to build, grow and operate corporate Venture Client Units at scale. Gregor then founded 27pilots, which today is the leading Venture Client Solutions provider. BMW became 27pilots’s first customer!
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27pilots Founder / Gregor Gimmy

The inventor of the ​Venture Client Model

Our CEO and Founder Gregor Gimmy recognized that companies have insufficient capabilities to harvest startups as a strategic resource optimally. Understanding the limitations of traditional corporate venturing tools, he created the Venture Client Model, and put it into practice at BMW in 2015. After leading the BMW Startup Garage, Gregor founded 27pilots to create a suite of Venture Client Solutions. He is an active angel investor, author, guest lecturer at INSEAD and frequent speaker at conferences such as Slush, 4YFN and DLD. And he is the visionary and driving force of the Venture Client movement in industry as well as academia.
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Solutions for creating and scaling state-of-the-art organizational Venture Client capabilities.
We have the most comprehensive and proven suite of Venture Client Solutions. Our market leading Solutions are based on the proven processes and methods of the Venture Client Model. Our Solutions help companies to BUILD the strategic and structural capabilities to operate world-class Venture Client Units. We also offer solutions to OPERATE Venture Client Units at the highest quality standards. Here we offer Startup Adoption, Startup Intelligence and Branding & Promotion.

Conduct Venture Client Unit operations

Solutions for identifying and adopting top startup solutions for strategically relevant challenges.
Solutions for strategy setting and decision making based upon data from the global startup-ecosystem and Venture Client corporations.
Solutions for making Venture Client Units known and trusted inside the corporation and in the startup ecosystem.