Venture Client Excellence
is our passion

The 27pilots team focuses exclusively on helping companies establish successful Venture Client competencies, such as inhouse Venture Client organizational units. We are passionate about this. Our passion is what makes us the leading experts in Venture Client Solutions, including Venture Client model-specific services, technology and data.

We have established highly successful Venture Client operations and integrated our proven Venture Client Solutions at multiple global corporations, such as the BMW Startup Garage, the Venture Client unit of the BMW Group, and Open Bosch, the Venture Client unit of the Bosch Group.

27pilots was founded in 2018 as a spin-off from the BMW Group. As an innovation manager at BMW, our founder, Gregor Gimmy, sought out a vehicle that would help BMW to benefit from more qualified startups, at a quicker rate, and lower risk. Recognizing the limitations of traditional corporate venturing tools such as corporate venture capital, Gregor created a radically new methodology which he coined the “Venture Client Model”. Gregor then created the first Venture Client unit, the BMW Startup Garage, and managed it for three years. As a result of its success at BMW, Gregor founded 27pilots in 2018 with the vision to create a comprehensive suite of Venture Client Solutions that support existing corporate Venture Client units, and help corporations establish new ones.

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