Gregor Gimmy

I founded 27pilots to help companies benefit strategically from startups through a breakthrough corporate venturing tool: The Venture Client model.

It enables companies to benefit strategically from many more top startups faster, and at substantially lower risk and cost than possible through traditional venturing tools such as CVC.

As CEO of 27pilots, I am responsible for strategy and growth. My focus is on helping companies understand the value of the Venture Client model and how to integrate it with already existing strategic management vehicles, including innovation and venturing tools. To further advance the Venture Client model, I am deeply engaged in publishing, researching and lecturing about the Venture Client Model at leading business schools.

I am an Executive in Residence at the IMD Business School, and case co-author and guest lecturer at INSEAD business school. My academic research about Venture Clienting is mainly with Prof. Andreas König at the University of Passau, with whom I co-authored the first academic publication about the Venture Client model, published by the Harvard Business Review in 7/2016. I am also a frequent speaker at startup-relevant conferences such as Slush, Websummit, 4YFN and DLD.

Prior to 27pilots, I spent 6 years at BMW, where I invented and developed the Venture Client model to solve a critical challenge: How to benefit from many more top startups faster, and at lower cost and risk than possible through traditional corporate venturing. I implemented the Venture Client model by founding and managing the BMW Startup Garage, the world’s first Venture Client unit, for 3 years. Given the success of the Venture Client model at BMW, I founded 27pilots in 6/2018. Prior to the BMW Startup Garage, I established an internal innovation strategy team known as BMW Innovation Works. Prior to BMW, I started various VC funded ventures in Silicon Valley and Europe. Early in my career, I worked at IDEO (Palo Alto), where I helped create a new innovation model (known as Design Thinking) and transform IDEO into a strategic innovation consultancy, and Roland Berger Strategy Consultants.

I studied at TU Stuttgart, Harvard and the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.

I live with my wife and daughter in Munich – a great place not only to start companies (lots of venture clients nearby ;), but also to enjoy some of the most impressive spectacles of nature through endurance sports.

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