Venture Clienting transforms corporate venturing

Venture Clienting enables companies to innovate in a more profitable way, and to benefit strategically from startup solutions. Startup solutions can increase market fit, reduce cost, speed up time to market, and ultimately create new revenue possibilities.

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Benefit #1

A Venture Client unit impacts new revenue and cost savings.

Top startups offer inimitable solutions for complex innovation and efficiency problems.

This has a direct impact on revenue and costs of their corporate customers. So a top quality Venture Client unit makes a significant contribution to enable a company to realize millions in new revenue and cost savings. At scale and on a continuous basis.

Benefit #2

The whole company benefits from (top) startups.

There are thousands of top startup solutions for all functional areas.

From core business, IT, manufacturing and logistics to sales, marketing, HR and many more, a dedicated Venture Client unit helps to identify and predict competitive challenges across the entire company that top startups can solve!

Benefit #3

A Venture Client unit requires little resources.

In our experience, the costs involved to create and run a top Venture Client operation with 27pilots are set off with just one adopted startup per year.

Benefit #4

Venture Clienting works and it works fast.

A Venture Client unit allows to identify, attract and transfer top startup solutions quickly and efficiently.

It cuts out the “middleman” of a CVC and instead buys and uses (top) startup solutions directly, more cost-effective and faster. And it’s the best way to validate further partnership options.

Benefit #5

(Top) startups are fun to work with.

With protected IP and outstanding technical expertise, startups are not just professional, but also highly passionate.

Benefits of working with 27pilots

Benefit #1

We pioneer the Venture Client model!

Not only did the 27pilots founders originally invent the Venture Client model and set up the very first Venture Client unit BMW Startup Garage, but we continuously develop our Venture Client services further. We drive the forefront of Venture Clienting in research and in practice.

Benefit #2

We operate Venture Client units successfully!

27pilots has set up and is currently operating several Venture Client units in various industries, like automotive, home appliances, construction materials and insurance. Our customers value our self-reliant, data-driven approach that is based in 5+ years experience as well as cross-industry synergies.

Benefit #3

We are more than the sum of services and product!

27pilots is not just a service provider. We have a clearly defined product, the Venture Client model, and every one of our offered services is part of this product. We deliver results.