Maximilian Marquart

I am convinced that corporates can solve many competitive challenges better, faster and at less cost applying solutions from the world’s best startups. Traditional venturing tools like CVC and accelerators don’t help to leverage this innovation resource of thousands of startups powered by state-of-the-art intellectual property and over $100 billion venture capital every year. With our Venture Client model incumbents are finally able to harness measurable competitive benefits from many startups across the entire organization.

At 27pilots, I am responsible for the Venture Client product. I ensure that we deliver a cutting-edge product to our corporate clients. My focus is to constantly improve the Venture Client process and methodology as well as to build a suite Venture Client specific software systems. This toolset enables Venture Client units to operate at high and constant efficiency and quality. Our tools also deliver KPIs in real-time, like the impact of startup solutions on cost and revenue of the corporation.

Prior to 27pilots, I spent 6 years at the BMW Group. At the beginning of my career at BMW, I invented and established production processes for BMW’s first electric vehicle. After having mastered the start-of-production, the newly established BMW Startup Garage caught my attention. My experience and passion for high-scale production processes motivated me to support the growth of the BMW Startup Garage as a corporate-wide venturing tool. I helped to establish scalable processes and developed the first set of software tools to support operations. In parallel, I managed several startup solution adoption projects for diverse BMW Group business units.

I graduated with a Master’s degree in engineering from the Technical University of Munich. Afterwards, I was awarded a Ph.D. from the RWTH Aachen and ETH Zurich in collaboration with the BMW Group focussing on high-scale production processes. I hold eight patents for technologies that are still in use at BMW factories.

Did you know that Munich, in a 40 mile radius, has more beach-front than Highway 1 from San Francisco to Los Angeles? This, and the fact that Bavarian lakes have less sharks and better beer, nurtured my passion for sailing. Obviously, a dream of mine is – in addition to establishing the Venture Client model as the de facto-standard for corporate venturing – to one day sail across the oceans to San Francisco.

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