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Gobal players are future-proofing their business thanks to their Venture Client Units built with our state-of-the-art Solutions

Find out how the 27pilots Venture Client Solutions can make a difference at your company

The Venture Client Model is a novel approach to corporate venturing. We would welcome the opportunity to help you learn how our Solutions can help you gain substantial and measurable strategic benefits from startups.

We invite you to contact us for an informal – or formal – chat to…

  • Assess the current challenges and risks your company is facing
  • Learn about the 27pilots Venture Client model including relevant success cases
  • Discover how our solutions can help your company strategically benefit from startups
  • Know how our Venture Client solutions adapt to your business needs

Meet our Expert Andreas Schnell, VP of Growth.

Andi heads all our growth initiatives at 27pilots. His background at a multinational consultancy for digital innovation helps him understand the bigger picture of corporate innovation and how the Venture Client model can be embedded into the existing corporate infrastructures. This is how he has helped other companies navigate the initial challenges of integrating a new approach - either into existing frameworks or completely from scratch. Andi knows the benefits of establishing a Venture Client Unit and how to leverage our services, technology, and data in your company’s best interest. In your demo session with him, you will learn how our customers already gain a measurable competitive advantage in their particular industry through working with 27pilots.

Andreas Schnell

Learn how startups can boost your business’ competitiveness today

Potential customers can expect my full attention to their current challenges and my knowledge on how part of these challenges can be solved by the Venture Client model and 27pilots.