Venture Client Excellence

27pilots has the most comprehensive and ​proven suite of Venture Client Solutions

Based upon the needs of our customers, we offer our Venture Client Solutions in Customized Packages and On-Demand.
Customized Packages, provided in a subscription model, are suited for companies with a running Venture Client Unit and those who want to establish quickly a fully operational Venture Client Unit.
27pilots also offers Venture Client Solutions On Demand, in a pay-per-use model. These are best suited for companies who want to experience and understand the Venture Client Model of corporate venturing prior to establishing a Unit.


Subscription Model​

Best suited for companies who aim to quickly establish a state-of-the-art, fully operational Venture Client Unit.

Companies with a running Venture Client Unit can also opt for a subscription package.

Solution packages are always customized to the strategy and requirements of each company.


Pay-Per-Use Model

Best suited for companies without a Venture Client Unit who want to experience and understand the Venture Client Model of corporate venturing.

Companies with a running Venture Client Unit can also opt for Solutions On Demand.

27pilots is the leading Venture Client Solutions provider.
Our solutions help companies:


the strategic, cultural, structural, data and technological capabilities to operate world-class Venture Client Units


Venture Client Units Startup Intelligence, Pilot and Adoption activities in support of Venture Client Unit teams at the highest standards

Solution Areas


Strategy & Structure

Solutions for creating and scaling state-of-the-art strategic and organizational Venture Client capabilities.

› Strategic Planning
› Process Integration
› Roles & Responsibilities
› Organizational Integration



Solutions for creating a culture that recognizes the strategic relevance of startups, and for generating trust inside the company and the global startup ecosystem for the Venture Client Unit.

› Brand & Identity
› Value Systems
› Awareness
› Promotion & PR


Startup Technology & Data

Solutions to enable scaling the Venture Client Model across the entire organization, continuously measure and analyze the impact of the Venture Client Unitand provide data driven insights.

› Venture Client Management System
› Venture Client Data
› Startup Data


Startup Intelligence

Solutions for strategy setting and decision-makingbased upon insights from the global ecosystem, including startups, VCs and Venture Clients.

› Foresight Research
› Startup Ratings
› Startup Sourcing



Solutions for identifying and validating top startup technologies for strategically relevant challenges.

› Discovery
› Assessment
› Purchase
› Pilot



Solutions for the adoption of successfully validated Startup startup technologies.

› Adoption Strategy
› Partnership Management
› M&A
› System Deployment
› Business Case Monitoring