27pilots is transforming corporate venturing with Venture Client Units!

27pilots establishes Venture Client Units, a new transformative corporate venturing vehicle. A Venture Client Unit is an internal department that operates based upon the Venture Client model. It enables the entire company to strategically benefit from top startup solutions.

In June 2014, BMW innovation manager Gregor Gimmy invented the Venture Client model as a new corporate venturing vehicle. The goal: to respond to the growing need of cutting edge startup technologies. After approval from BMW Board Member and CTO Herbert Diess, Gregor established and managed the first Venture Client Unit in 2015: the BMW Startup Garage.

In June 2018, based upon the success of the BMW Startup Garage, he spun off 27pilots to provide Venture Client Services to BMW and other corporations.

Selected clients of 27pilots are the BMW Group, BSH Home Appliances, Bosch and LafargeHolcim.

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Press release: April 1, 2020

Startups against Coronavirus: 27pilots links around 300 startups and corporates to fight the crisis

On the startupsagainstcorona.com platform, around 40 organisations (approx. 2 million jobs) have registered with their challenges and problems that have arisen in the course of the COVID 19 pandemic. At the same time, around 300 top startups from 29 countries offer their solutions to combat the effects of the crisis. These startups have a total of more than 2.5 billion US dollars in venture capital, which will be used to combat the economic consequences of the pandemic by engaging the startups. This makes the platform an important instrument in the Corona crisis.

Munich, April 1, 2020 – The startupsagainstcorona.com platform, launched around 14 days ago by the venture client service provider 27pilots, is experiencing enormous demand from corporates and startups: Within a short amount of time, around 40 companies and corporations registered on the platform and communicated their most urgent challenges and problems. During the same period, around 300 startups posted their solutions, which they can submit either in response to specific problems or as a general offer of assistance.

“The enormous willingness to deal openly with problems and to proactively request support from startups surprised us a little,” said Gregor Gimmy, Co-Founder and Managing Director at 27pilots, “It clearly shows that startups are not seen by companies as experimental laboratories but as resilient problem solvers. The fact that high-quality and extremely quickly available solutions from startups can also become a game changer in times of crisis shows the potential that lies behind startups. The risk capital already invested there can be used in a targeted manner through strategic networking to mitigate the economic impact of the COVID 19 pandemic.

According to calculations by 27pilots, the venture capital accumulated in the participating startups amounts to around 2.5 billion US dollars. The calculation: If the startups use their know-how, development capacities and financial resources thanks to the platform specifically to combat problems in the corona crisis, this will have a very positive effect on the overall economic development.

Companies have quickly recognized the potential. In total, a large number of well-known companies with a total of more than two million employees from a wide range of industries, including Airbus, Bayer, the BMW Group, BSH Home Appliances Group, Bosch, ZF, Dräxlmaier, Infineon, LafargeHolcim and Signal Iduna, responded. The problem areas range from workforce planning and supply chain management to the digital networking of employees, partners and customers.

The first results of the initiative are already in use. A concrete example is the cooperation between LafargeHolcim and the AI startup Leena AI. After networking via the platform, the Swiss building materials manufacturer is using the COVID 19 chatbot developed by Leena AI. This uses linguistic data processing to provide employees of global companies with answers to all aspects of the coronavirus. The chatbot makes use of WHO and UNICEF publications. The startup provided these solutions within days. A new development would take several months.
27pilots launched the startupsagainstcorona.com platform a little over two weeks ago to offer companies a way to get their economic problems caused by the COVID 19 pandemic under control with the help of startups. Enquiries and possible solutions are being examined by a task force of 27pilots, which links startups and companies.

27pilots has years of experience in helping corporations solve complex problems using startup technologies. The company coordinates the transfer of competitiveness-relevant startup technologies, among others for the BMW Group, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, Bosch Group, Signal Iduna and LafargeHolcim.

The startupsagainstcorona.com platform can be accessed via this link.

Press release: March 19, 2020

Startups Against Corona! The platform brings startups and companies together for solving critical challenges

Startups can share solutions on startupsagainstcorona.com, published today, for acute challenges that companies face because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform is an offer from the Venture Client services provider 27pilots, that organizes cooperations with startups for companies like the BMW Group or the BSH Hausgeräte GmbH.

Munich, March 19, 2020 — Practical support for companies in the corona crisis: the new startupsagainstcorona.com platform created by the Venture Client services provider 27pilots helps companies to find startup solutions for their current problems related to the COVID-19 pandemic. How it works: companies can post issues they are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, ensuring more stable supply chains or workforce planning. Startups can post solutions matching the challenges or propose solutions for other challenges. Inquiries and approaches are examined by a task force of 27pilots and if it makes sense, the parties are connected. This is what 27pilots has years of experience with: the company deals with the cooperation between companies and start-ups and coordinates projects for customers, such as the BMW Group, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, the Bosch Group, Signal Iduna, and LafargeHolcim.

“Every day, we see, that it is often solutions from startups that have the highest impact” said Gregor Gimmy, co-founder and managing director at 27pilots. “In this acute crisis, we want to give quick and efficient access to innovative startup solutions to any company. The underlying model is simple and has great advantages for companies and startups. In the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are struggling with numerous problems and need functional solutions in the shortest possible time, for example for supply chain management, financial or project management, health care, and the establishment of mobile working methods and nationwide video conferencing systems. Innovative startups can often provide solutions quickly and pragmatically and help companies to achieve their goals despite a crisis situation. At the same time, startups have the opportunity to acquire new customers. Through this platform, we want to help reduce the economic impact of the pandemic and enable startups to bring solutions quickly and effectively to market.”

A prominent example of the last days shows, that startups can provide answers to global challenges of the current situation: the Mainz-based startup Biontech, which is working on a vaccine against COVID-19, received the commitment of 120 million euros from a Chinese pharmaceutical company.

startupsagainstcorona.com aims to address both, small and large problems arising from the current crisis, in a structured manner. As of today, the platform is online and can be accessed via this link.

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