As pioneer of the Venture Client model, we are your first-rate Venture Client service provider.

Whether your company already has a system for startup engagement in place or you are just starting out to collaborate with startups, 27pilots is your partner for establishing your Venture Client competencies. Our services consist of two main areas: Capability Services and Operational Services. From the very beginning, all our services run simultaneously, because we want your company to benefit from startup solutions immediately.

Capability Services


During the setup phase, we integrate Venture Client capabilities with the current processes, resources and culture. We provide the world’s best process and resources required to operate a world-class corporate Venture Client unit as an internal organisational entity that enables the adoption of startup solutions. Within four weeks, we launch the new Venture Client unit so it can quickly start identifying impactful startup solutions for your company.


After setting up the Venture Client unit, we enable the internal Venture Client unit team to operate and manage the corporate Venture Client unit. On a continuous basis, we instruct stakeholders within your organisation about the strategic value of startups and how to adopt their solutions via the new Venture Client unit. Stakeholders are all the people who will use and benefit from startup solutions.

Operational Services

Startup Adoption

Our experienced Venture team can fully operate your Venture Client unit or provide partial support to your internal team. Our activities here span from identifying strategic needs to scouting for leading-edge solutions to managing pilot projects with the world’s best startups. We are equipped with the best resources, including software and data, so your Venture Client unit generates a high, measurable strategic impact via top startups at a positive ROI.

Adoption Support

We offer ongoing support services to promote your Venture Client unit and to scale the adoption of startup solutions. This includes research on startups or technologies and promotional activities like branding events, videos and PR activities. We also build partnerships for your Venture Client unit with relevant players in the global startup environment. If needed, we also help set up a physical Venture Client unit at your company.

We help you become an attractive Venture Client.

27pilots is the expert in Venture Clienting and your one-stop-shop for a successful Venture Client unit. 

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What’s a Venture Client?

A Venture Client purchases startup solutions, not startup equity. This ensures quick access to innovative startup technologies that can solve critical challenges within a company, whether these are product-, production- or process-related.

Why is it a Venture Client?

Because buying from startups presents a higher risk  of failing than buying from incumbent companies. The additional risk is admissible when the problem at hand is relevant and the startup appears to be better than alternative solutions.

What’s a Venture Client unit?

A Venture Client unit is a business unit dedicated for startup collaboration. Its goal is to attract relevant startups and successfully establish them as solution providers for all kinds of departments inside the company.