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Celebrating Excellent Venture Client Projects

The Venture Client Awards, presented by 27pilots, celebrate outstanding collaborations between startups and corporations. These awards recognize the innovative use of startup solutions to tackle corporate challenges effectively. Recognized are projects that have exhibited substantial financial and sustainable impact through their engagement with startups. This award not only acknowledges the achievements of these projects but also underscores the significance of embracing startup solutions to address critical business challenges.

Honored projects span multiple categories, celebrating milestones like significant cost savings through process optimization, substantial revenue generation through product innovation, and noteworthy contributions to sustainability.

Gaining Competitive Advantage from Top Startups through Venture Clienting

Technology is pivotal for corporations to strengthen and sustain their competitiveness. Virtually all technology breakthroughs over the past 30 years have come from startups. Startups, hence, represent a critical source of sustainable competitive advantage.

Venture Clients are companies that purchase and use startup solutions to obtain strategic benefits. To be able to benefit from the best startups, quickly and effectively, requires a specific Venture Client Model, i.e. strategy, process, and resources. A good Venture Client Model allows companies to benefit strategically from the world’s best startup technologies at groundbreaking speed and across the entire value chain - at zero capital risk.

Starting in 2023, 27pilots is proudly introducing the Venture Client Awards, dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the most impactful Venture Client projects.

One Event, two competitions

The Venture Client Award is a new recognition incorporated into the prestigious Technology Fast 50 Award by Deloitte. Here, Deloitte annually honors the fastest-growing technology companies in the sectors of Biotechnology and pharmaceutical, Energy Technology, Communications, Digital Content, Media and entertainment, Hardware, Medical Devices, Software, and FinTech.

The award ceremony takes place in Berlin in March 2024. In 2022, more than 150 people joined the event. Among the notable winners of the Fast 50 Award are startups such as Enpal, Cosuno, and Climedo.

The Venture Client Awards 2023

The category highlights highly successful partnerships between startups and corporations leveraging startup solutions to address corporate challenges.

The Venture Client Award format features innovative collaborations between startups and corporates to address specific challenges in the following categories:

  • Venture Client projects contributing to Process Improvements
  • Venture Client projects contributing to Product Innovation
  • Venture Client projects contributing to Sustainability

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