Boost Startup Selection with Real-Use-Case-Data from Real-World-Users

Venture Client Data delivers in-depth analysis of corporate challenges and ratings of startups and their technologies through the lens of real-world applications by corporate users. This rich data transcends traditional financial metrics, offering Venture Clients a holistic view that streamlines the selection of startups most suited to their specific requirements.

Corporate Problems Data

Discover Known &
Unknown Problems

Dive deep into our unparalleled dataset that not only highlights strategic issues identified by corporate Venture Clients but also reveals hidden pain points illuminated by startups. This powerful resource is designed to fill the gap of known corporate challenges with the unforeseen hurdles that only emerge through the innovative lens of the startup ecosystem.

Our data solution offers a dynamic matching feature that connects corporate problems with cutting-edge solutions, bringing the best of startup innovation directly to the forefront of corporate decision makers. Whether it’s addressing known obstacles or navigating through uncharted issues, our database serves as a catalyst for transformative change.

The organization of our problem data is meticulously crafted for user-friendly exploration. Categorized by industry sectors such as automotive, insurance, healthcare, and more, as well as by functional areas like R&D, IT, and Manufacturing, our system enables you to pinpoint the challenges and solutions relevant to your domain. This level of detail ensures that you can easily navigate through the data, uncovering relevant startups that address both the problems you’re aware of and those you have yet to encounter.

Embark on a journey through our database to explore a world where strategic corporate issues and the untapped potential of startups converge. Discover solutions that are not only innovative but align with the specific needs of your industry and functional area. With the 27pilots Corporate Problems Data solution, you’re equipped to transcend traditional barriers to innovation, unlocking new avenues for growth and competitive advantage in your field.

Startup Evaluations & Ratings

Pioneering Private Equity Insights
from Corporate Venture Client!

At 27pilots, we’re revolutionizing the landscape of private equity data with our comprehensive startup evaluations from corporate Venture Clients. The value of customer reviews is undisputed, yet the market lacks a reliable source that compiles evaluations of startup technologies directly from their corporate users — the Venture Clients.

Our distinctive database offers anonymized, detailed assessment data from thousands of corporate specialists spanning the entire value chain. With contributions from R&D, manufacturing, IT, HR, and more, these experts evaluate a myriad of startup technologies. However, their assessments are not based on brief pitch sessions. Instead, they derive from the actual application and utilization of these technologies in real-world scenarios.

Within our database, you’ll discover evaluations covering various critical aspects, including team dynamics, technology specifications & maturity, pricing, and other key performance indicators. This rich data enables you to ascertain which startup is ideally suited to address and resolve your specific business challenges, ensuring a precise match between problem and solution.

Explore our database to find the data that will guide you to the startup solutions perfectly aligned with your business needs. With 27pilots, unlock the power of informed, strategic decision-making and transform the way you solve corporate challenges.