Venture Client Management System

A Venture Client Management System is a specialized software solution designed to assist a Venture Client company and its in-house Venture Client Unit team in organizing, overseeing, and communicating its Venture Client activities.


  1. Manage: The Venture Client Management System facilitates the management of Venture Client projects in accordance with the Venture Client Process. It provides an interface to view each project, track its status, and access detailed information about each project.
  2. Monitor: The software includes a dashboard for monitoring Venture Client Unit-specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These KPIs are customizable according to the needs of each Venture Client company. Common metrics may include the number of problems solved, or the impact of startup technologies on revenue and cost. For a deeper understanding of Venture Client Unit KPIs, refer to this article by Gregor Gimmy: Venture Client KPIs.
  3. Communicate: The System enhances internal communication by allowing stakeholders to view and stay informed about ongoing Venture Client projects and associated startups. It features configurable viewing permissions to protect sensitive information.

Types of Systems

  • Native Systems: These are standalone systems specifically designed for in-house Venture Client Units. They offer more comprehensive features, making them suitable for managing and monitoring large Venture Client operations.
  • Integrated Add-Ons: Some systems are integrated as add-ons to existing corporate software, such as innovation management systems. While they provide basic functionality, they may lack the extensive features of native systems.

Recommendation for Large Operations
For substantial Venture Client operations, native Venture Client Management Systems, like the one from 27pilots, are recommended for their advanced functionalities and better adaptability to the specific needs of a Venture Client Unit.

The Venture Client Management System developed by 27pilots is an example of a native system, tailored to effectively support Venture Client activities.

Venture Client Management System by 27pilots
Venture Client Management System by 27pilots