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Marta Naranjo

Venture Builder Lead

Airbus, Airbus Scale

This session is relevant for corporations and startups alike.

Fireside chat with Gregor Gimmy, CEO of 27pilots
In the first part of this session, Gregor Gimmy shares the story of why he invented the Venture Client model in 2014 as Innovation Manager of BMW, and how he implemented it by founding the BMW Startup Garage. He will share his insights on how the continuous creation of disruptive technologies shakes market uniformity, forcing corporations to innovate for survival. Attendees will familiarize themselves with the Venture Client model, and how the new corporate venturing tool is used by industry leaders to gain strategic benefits from startups.

Panel discussion
In the second part, attendees will learn why and how corporations like Siemens Mobility, Bosch, and OBI adopted the Venture Client model. Witnessing examples of how this new model works across industries and companies, what objectives it has, what types of challenges are faced, how it is set up and integrated into complex organizational structures.

Venture Client Masterclasses

Venture Client Track at Slush 2021

The game of Corporate Venturing has changed, and Slush 2021 is the first global startup conference to host a dedicated Venture Client Track. Our vision is to finally bridge the gap between corporations and Startups using the Venture Client Model.

Venture Client Track

Discover the Venture Client “Hall of Fame”, a space to meet the leaders of leading Venture Client units. It includes a comfortable VIP lounge, a spacious meeting room, and mind-expanding sessions.

Venture Client Stage

Our keynotes and panel discussions will redefine our industry’s dialogue. Showcasing groundbreaking thinkers offering cross-industry insights, hands-on advice, and success stories.

Expert Sessions

Participate in exclusive workshops at the Venture Client Track. Benefit from exclusive insights and best practices. Network with Venture Client experts, successful Venture Client units, and relevant startups.

About Slush

Slush is the world’s leading startup conference, with the mission to support the next generation of groundbreaking entrepreneurs.


Slush 2021

In 2021, Slush will be an application−only gathering of top startups, investors from all over the world – and for the first time – leading Venture Client corporations.


Venture Client Corporations


Helsinki, Dec 1-2, 2021

About 27pilots

We are the leading provider of Venture Client solutions. We focus exclusively on helping companies establish successful Venture Client competencies, and through these, gain a measurable strategic impact from the world’s best startups.


27pilots helps companies gain competitive advantage from startups through our proven Venture Client Solutions. Our CEO, Gregor Gimmy, invented the Venture Client Model, and established the world’s first Venture Client Unit at BMW in 2015. Gregor founded 27pilots in 2018 to help companies globally to build, scale and run their internal Venture Client Units. Today, 27pilots solutions are used by multiple global players.

Our Solutions

27pilots is the leading provider of dedicated Venture Client Solutions to build, improve and scale in-house Venture Client units. Venture Client Units are a breakthrough venturing vehicle that enables any company to benefit strategically from top startups faster, in higher number, and at significantly lower cost and risk than ever before possible. Our proprietary solutions comprehend a suite of Venture Client-specific Services, Technologies, and Data.

Our Customers

Global players, such as BMW Group, Bosch Group, Siemens, Siemens Energy and Holcim, are trusting our solutions to gain strategic benefits from startups at scale through their entire organizations. We help companies of any size from any industry to establish and support their in-house Venture Client Unit. Among the industries that use our proven suite of Venture Client Solutions are Automotive, Mobility, Chemistry, eCommerce, Retail, Energy, Construction, Insurance and Consumer Goods.